Dental X-ray


Dental X-ray

In order to provide our patients with quality dental care, our facility is equipped with the most up-to date technology available.

Dental X-ray

Our new X-ray technology is less invasive and reduces the radiation exposure to our patients by 50 % to 90% compared to the traditional x-ray machines.
At Nellie Gail Dental we use protective aprons to reduce the chance of radiation to our patients.
J. Morita 3D panoramic dental X-ray at Nellie Gail Dental
Nellie Gail Dental has recently acquired a J. Morita 3D panoramic and cephalometric CT scan machine. This machine is recognized in the dental industry as a “total performance imagining tool” since it significantly increases the quality of the dental diagnostic as well as treatment.

Intraoral Camera

intraoral Camera This technology enhances the diagnosis and offers the patient the chance to visualize and actively participate in the diagnostic process.

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